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On “Otherness”

[Since writing this post yesterday, I’ve had a number of interesting conversations, not to mention received more e-mails and comments than usual.  Although it’s perhaps too soon to revise my post in a meaningful way, there are a few things I feel that I should have included: my age and status as a single woman […]

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So, United, I hear you like to break guitars…

I’ve always loved the art of complaining, particularly when the “art” bit is taken seriously.  I am perhaps an expert at it – my complaining has gotten me a book deal, numerous t-shirts, gift certificates (most recently to GrubHub for helping them figure out why their site wasn’t working on my browser), coupons, and a […]

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Morocco: Disappearing the Amazigh

So it looks like the Moroccans are at it again. Instead of just letting people be who they are, the government is still going on about their naming laws. In other words, if you want to give your child an Amazigh (Berber) name, tough luck. Moroccan human rights groups recently proposed a list of Amazigh […]