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So, United, I hear you like to break guitars…

I’ve always loved the art of complaining, particularly when the “art” bit is taken seriously.  I am perhaps an expert at it – my complaining has gotten me a book deal, numerous t-shirts, gift certificates (most recently to GrubHub for helping them figure out why their site wasn’t working on my browser), coupons, and a variety of other things.

But my expertise in the art of complaining has not yet brought me fame, as I’m sure it will Dave Carroll.  Carroll, with his band, Sons of Maxwell, was traveling on United Airlines when they witnessed their guitar being mishandled by baggage handlers.  The guitar was D.O.A., and their latest, a music video for their song entitled “United Breaks Guitars” has just gone viral.  Its sheer awesomeness will secure them a prosperous future.  Without further ado…

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