In the Media

A selection of media appearances

3/2023: I spoke with The New Arab on YouTube’s content moderation practices.

12/2023: I spoke with The Hill about unfair moderation of speech in Israel and Palestine.

10/2023: I spoke with Vox about shadowbanning.

10/2023: I spoke to KQED about the overmoderation of Palestinian content on social media platforms.

10/2023: I spoke to the Washington Post about how Palestinians are circumventing censorial algorithms.

10/2023: I spoke to Fast Company about content moderation in times of conflict.

9/2023: I was featured in an Al Jazeera documentary on social media censorship of Palestinians.

9/2023: I spoke with Audrey Tang for the Innovative Minds video podcast.

7/2023: I was featured on the Majority Report to discuss Mark Zuckerberg and digital oligarchy (short clip).

4/2023: I spoke to Wired about Imgur banning porn.

1/2023: I spoke to the Guardian about the Meta Oversight Board’s recommendations on adult nudity.

12/2022: I spoke to Grid and the SF Chronicle about Twitter.

11/2022: I spoke to STAT and recode about Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

10/2022: I spoke to PCMag about the difficulties of moderating misinformation on social media.

6/2022: My work on censorship of sexuality appeared in GQ Portugal.

6/2022: I appeared in The YouTube Effect, a documentary by Alex Winter.

6/2022: I spoke to the Intercept about disparities in content moderation.

5/2022: I appeared on the Tech Policy Podcast.

5/2022: My book was reviewed in the LA Review of Books.

5/2022: I spoke to NBC News, the Guardian, Techtopia, Computerworld, CNN, The Independent, Al Jazeera, and CNN Brasil about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

4/2022: I spoke to The Intercept about Facebook’s double standards in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

2/2022: I appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss the price of free speech.

1/2022: I spoke to the British Medical Journal about Facebook censoring their article.

1/2022: I spoke to the Intercept about Facebook censoring Tamil groups.

1/2022: I spoke to the Washington Post on the anniversary of Trump being banned from Twitter.

12/2021: I spoke to Fast Company about 2022 tech trends.

12/2021: I spoke to Everything in Moderation about the Santa Clara Principles.

12/2021: I was quoted by Wired Italia about Alaa Abd El Fattah’s case.

12/2021: I was quoted in by the Verge and the Daily Beast about NFTs.

12/2021: I spoke to Vice about the Taliban’s use of social media.

11/2021: I spoke to QZ about anonymity online (paywalled).

11/2021: I joined the Tech Empire podcast to discuss whether social media can be fixed.

11/2021: I spoke with the Current Affairs podcast about how “Silicon Values” are destroying the internet (paywalled).

11/2021: I spoke to Crosscut Talks about why it’s so hard to fight disinformation on Facebook.

11/2021: I spoke to the Daily Dot about Alaa Abd El Fattah’s case.

11/2021: I spoke to the Verge about the future of content moderation.

10/2021: My book was cited by the Irish Times.

10/2021: My book was reviewed by ethic (español)

10/2021: My work was cited by El Spectador (español)

10/2021: I spoke to the Wall Street Journal about Trump’s new social media platform

10/2021: I spoke with Quartz about Vienna’s museums migrating to OnlyFans

10/2021: I was quoted by Slate about anonymity online

10/2021: I spoke to the New Statesman about Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen

10/2021: I was quoted by the Intercept, Der Spiegel, and the Washington Post about Facebook’s “dangerous organizations and individuals” policy

10/2021: I spoke to Wired Italia about deplatforming.

10/2021: I spoke to the Center for Public Integrity about Apple’s new child safety measures and the threat they pose to LGBTQ youth.

9/2021: I spoke to the New York Times about Germany’s NetzDG law.

9/2021: I spoke to la Reppublica about Facebook’s Oversight Board

8/2021: I was quoted by Mother Jones on whether banning the Taliban from social media helps or harms Afghans.

8/2021: I was quoted in the Guardian about Apple’s latest moves with respect to child sexual abuse imagery.

8/2021: I was interviewed by the Media Diversity Institute about cancel culture.

7/2021: I was quoted by Wired Middle East on Facebook’s censorship of Palestinian voices.

7/2021: I spoke to Vice about Facebook’s policies regarding Iranian protests.

7/2021: Silicon Values received positive reviews from the Times Literary Supplement and Prostasia.

7/2021: I spoke to VOA about Trump’s lawsuits against platforms.

6/2021: I spoke with Lifewire about why payment processors should be more transparent.

6/2021: I spoke with the Financial Times about algorithmic transparency.

6/2021: I spoke to CJR about the challenges of global content moderation.

6/2021: I spoke to Arab Talk about our coalition campaign to get Facebook to stop silencing Palestinians.

6/2021: I spoke to the New Statesman about how social media companies collude with nation states.

6/2021: My book, Silicon Values, was favorably reviewed by ZDNet UK.

6/2021: I spoke to NPR‘s Morning Edition about India’s demands on social media firms.

6/2021: I was quoted by the New York Times regarding Facebook’s Trump ban.

5/2021: I spoke to Ireland’s RTE about battling misinformation online.

5/2021: I was featured on the Queer Arabs podcast to discuss the “Gay Girl in Damascus” debacle of 2011.

5/2021: I was quoted by The New Republic regarding internet regulation.

5/2021: I was quoted in the New York Times on Russian internet censorship.

5/2021: I was quoted by The Independent, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the Intercept and Buzzfeed on Palestinian digital rights and censorship.

5/2021: I was quoted by Deutsche Welle on Big Tech and regulation.

5/2021: I spoke to Thomson Reuters about the censorship of Palestinians on social media, and on content moderation in conflict zones.

5/2021: I was profiled by (and on the cover of!) Offscreen Magazine.

5/2021: I spoke to Der Tagesspiegel about the Facebook Oversight Board.

5/2021: I was a guest on the New Books Network podcast.

5/2021: I was interviewed by El Pais about Silicon Values.

5/2021: Silicon Values was reviewed by the Irish Times.

4/2021: My views on the Fairness Doctrine were mentioned by Reason.

4/2021: I was interviewed by the Cookie Mag.

4/2021: My analysis of Facebook was cited by El Pais.

4/2021: I spoke to Protocol about my new book.

4/2021: I was profiled by Berliner Zeitung and the New Statesman about my book, Silicon Values.

4/2021: I was quoted in Fortune Magazine and Gizmodo Australia about the need for anonymity and my concept, the White Man’s Gambit.

3/2021: I spoke with Mike Masnick for TechDirt podcast, episode 276.

3/2021: I was profiled by Dissent Magazine on my book, Silicon Values.

3/2021: I spoke to +972 Magazine about Facebook’s attempts to make the word “Zionist” hate speech.

3/2021: I spoke to the Washington Post about the “tech stack” and the impact of censorship on marginalized communities.

3/2021: I was quoted in a piece from Mic on what automation can and can’t accomplish in moderating speech.

3/2021: I spoke about internet shutdowns with WAKR’s This Week in Tech.

3/2021: I spoke about my work with the TBD: Technology By Design podcast.

3/2021: My book, Silicon Values, was cited in Newsweek and reviewed by Barbara Pfister.

3/2021: I spoke to Slate about Wikipedia’s new code of conduct.

2/2021: I was quoted in Pew/Elon University’s survey, The Digital New Normal 2025: After the Outbreak

2/2021: I spoke to MIT Technology Review to answer the question “what does progress mean to you?”

2/2021: I appeared on Greta van Susteren’s VOA show, Plugged In, answering the question “social media: who decides?”

2/2021: I spoke to the Decoding Hate podcast about my book and what should be done about the future of content moderation.

2/2021: I spoke with the New York Times about Facebook’s discrimination against small businesses that make clothing for disabled people.

2/2021: I commented to the Hindustan Times about Twitter’s history of complying with government demands.

2/2021: I presented my forthcoming book, Silicon Values, in conversation with Global Voices’ Ivan Sigal.

2/2021: I was featured as part of Al Jazeera’s The Take podcast, looking back at the Arab Spring; and the Global Denmark Podcast.

1/2021: I was cited by Democracy Now with respect to the New York Times firing of editor Lauren Wolfe.

1/2021: I spoke with Dutch publication fd. about the banning of Trump and much more.

1/2021: My view that censorship will be used by whomever is in power was cited by the New York Post and Tablet.

1/2021: My work on content moderation was cited by the Nation and Al Jazeera.

1/2021: I spoke to the Washington Blade about the resignation of Michael Pack from USAGM and its impact on the Open Tech Fund.

1/2021: I participated in a conversation with Mathew Ingram on CJR Galley.

1/2021: My forthcoming book, Silicon Values, was listed as a must-read for 2021 by Lovin’ Malta.

1/2021: I appeared on NDR TV and 3Sat (Germany);NPR affiliate Charlotte Talks; and a panel by the National Press Foundation to discuss the deplatforming of Donald Trump and more.

1/2021: I appeared on Denmark’s Techtopia podcast (Danish) for a wide-ranging interview about content regulation and moderation.

1/2021: I appeared on Al Jazeera’s Listening Post regarding Twitter and Facebook’s removal of Donald Trump.

1/2021: I appeared on KCRW Berlin’s Common Ground podcast to discuss content moderation.

1/2021: I spoke to the Guardian about how to improve social media and content moderation.

1/2021: I appeared on Netzpolitik’s podcast (German) to discuss social media deplatforming, regulation, and content moderation.

1/2021: I spoke to the AP about the alt-right move to other platforms, including podcasts.

1/2021: I spoke with Bloomberg Law about what it means for Facebook to hire a civil rights director.

1/2021: I spoke with BNN Bloomberg (Canada) about how viewing Big Tech’s power through a US lens isn’t the right way forward.

1/2021: My thoughts on platforms banning Trump and more were featured by Süddeutsche Zeitung.

1/2021: I spoke to the Guardian, Tagesspiegel, Thomson-Reuters Foundation, EuroNews Now, Heise Online, and Bloomberg Law about platforms banning President Trump’s accounts and Amazon Web Services banning Parler.

1/2020: I spoke to Berliner Zeitung (English) about the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol building.

9/2020: I spoke to Motherboard about doxing on Twitter.

9/2020: I spoke with Australia’s Radio National about social media and speech regulation.

9/2020: I spoke with Gizmodo about the use of technology in Belarus.

8/2020: I spoke with the Thomson Reuters Foundation about hate speech on Facebook that impacts LGBTQ+ activists.

7/2020: I was a guest on Lawfare’s Arbiters of Truth podcast.

7/2020: I spoke to Digital Trends about the Facebook boycott.

7/2020: I was quoted by LA Magazine about Twitter’s policies toward public figures and politicians.

7/2020: I spoke to CJR Galley about Facebook and civil rights.

7/2020: I was quoted by Vice and CyberScoop on the plot to kill the Internet Technology Fund.

6/2020: I was quoted by the Wall Street Journal on the history of culture jamming.

6/2020: I was quoted by the Wall Street Journal on the impact of TikTok teens and KPop stans on Trump’s Tulsa Rally.

6/2020: I spoke with NBC News about mass suspensions of Middle Eastern users by Facebook.

5/2020: I spoke with Al Jazeera about the promises and perils of modern tech.

3/2020: I was a guest on the In Lieu of Fun podcast.

3/2020: I spoke to Coda about Iranians being denied access to Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 map.

1/2020: I was quoted by Vice, the Washington Post, The Verge, and ITSocial about how sanctions on tech are impacting Iranians.

1/2020: I spoke with Al Jazeera about internet shutdowns.

11/2019: I spoke with Popular Mechanics about the internet of the future.

10/2019: I spoke with Columbia Journalism Review about Facebook.

10/2019: I spoke with the Washington Post about Mark Zuckerberg’s free speech speech.

10/2019: I spoke with Laci Green about platform censorship for her indirect message podcast.

10/2019: I was quoted by New Zealand’s RNZ and Newsroom on the Christchurch Call and online censorship.

9/2019: I spoke with Vice about geographic restrictions on media and entertainment.

8/2019: I spoke with CJR‘s Mathew Ingram about Facebook and censorship.

8/2019: I spoke with CNBC about the trend of Twitter users switching their location to Germany to avoid Nazi content.

7/2019: I was quoted in Digital Trends on Facebook’s lack of customer service

6/2019: I was quoted on the newsworthiness of “murder videos” in this Medium piece

5/2019: I was quoted by Motherboard on Twitter’s research into white supremacists on their platform

4/2019: I was quoted about my feelings on German recycling in this Fortune piece.

4/2019: I was profiled by the Financial Times on my views about being included in a government facial recognition database.

1/2019: I spoke with WNYC about Netflix’s censorship of Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Patriot Act.’

1/2019: I spoke with the Guardian about what Mark Zuckerberg should do in 2019.

12/2018: I spoke with Forbes about the increase in censorship of adult content online.

12/2018: I spoke to Vice about Tumblr’s censorship of sexual content.

11/2018: I spoke with Motherboard about efforts to push Facebook toward greater transparency.

9/2018: I spoke with Motherboard about misinformation in Facebook’s training manuals.

6/2018: I spoke with ifa about fake news, access to information, and freedom of expression.

6/2018: I spoke with the Guardian about the world five years after the Snowden revelations.

5/2018: I spoke with the New York Times and the Guardian about Facebook’s content enforcement report.

5/2018: I spoke with Bloomberg about Facebook’s policies toward terrorist content.

5/2018: I spoke to the Verge about the Santa Clara Principles on Transparency and Accountability in Content Moderation.

4/2018: I spoke with Pew’s Internet Research Center about technology and well-being.

3/2018: I spoke to Marketplace about why leaving Facebook can be difficult.

3/2018: I spoke to Al Jazeera about content moderation and platform censorship.

3/2018: I spoke to the New York Times about gender discrimination on Facebook.

2/2018: I spoke with BANG about big data.

2/2018: I spoke to the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World podcast about the future of the internet.

2/2018: I spoke to Vanity Fair about the use of social media by Parkland massacre survivors.

2/2018: I spoke to the New York Times about verification on social media platforms.

2/2018: I was profiled by Germany’s Zitty magazine.

1/2018: I spoke with the Columbia Journalism Review about Europe’s attempts to fight “fake news.”

1/2018: I spoke with the Guardian about content moderation on Facebook and its impact on political accounts.

1/2018: I spoke with Engadget about whether Twitter should ban the US president.

9/2017: I was a special guest on Mozilla’s IRL podcast.

9/2017: I spoke with Deutsche Welle about Cloudflare’s decision to ban the Daily Stormer from their services.

9/2017: I was quoted by Fast Company about the inability to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

9/2017: I spoke with the Jerusalem Post about demands for Cloudflare to boot Hamas from their services.

8/2017: I spoke with re:publica about my upcoming talks at #rpEurope.

8/2017: I spoke with CNN Money about Silicon Valley and the regulation of speech.

8/2017: I spoke with Engadget about whether Twitter should ban the president.

7/2017: I spoke with Popular Science about Facebook, automated content moderation, and hate speech.

6/2017: I was quoted by Vice Impact on internet as a human right.

6/2017: I was quoted by Al Jazeera with respect to the GCC’s moves to isolate Qatar.

6/2017: I spoke to Vox and the New York Times about the perils of Facebook moderating terrorist content.

5/2017: I spoke to the Verge about Facebook’s content moderation processes and issues.

5/2017: I was quoted in Handelsblatt about “fake news.”

3/2017: I was quoted in a Pew Research study on free speech, trolls, and fake news online.

3/2017: I spoke to Fast Company about the US government’s internet freedom funding programs

3/2017: I spoke to the Washington Post about ads, algorithms, and online censorship.

2/2017: I spoke to the Washington Post about Twitter’s new punishment structure.

1/2017: I spoke to Science Friday about countering extremism online with algorithms.

1/2017: I spoke to Princeton University about online censorship in the digital age.

12/2016: I spoke to the New York Times about calls for Twitter to ban president-elect Trump.

11/2016: I spoke to Epoch Times about Facebook’s “fake news” problem.

11/2016: I spoke to CBC News and Courthouse News about’s second report.

11/2016: I spoke to MTV News about how to stay safe(r) online.

10/2016: I spoke to The Verge about censorship of nudity on Facebook.

9/2016: I spoke to Wired about Alphabet’s Jigsaw.

9/2016: I spoke to The Verge about the use of automated systems to target content from terrorists on social media.

7/2016: I spoke to the Hindustan Times about the “benevolent dictatorship” of Mark Zuckerberg.

7/2016: I spoke to the Washington Post about what it takes to get banned from Twitter.

7/2016: I spoke to the Electronic Intifada about Israeli law center Shurat HaDin’s lawsuit against Facebook.

7/2016: I spoke to the Verge about Israel cracking down on Facebook.

7/2016: I spoke to Mic and Motherboard about Facebook censoring a video of police violence.

5/2016: I spoke on Croatian National Television about whistleblowing and freedom of expression.

5/2016: Index on Censorship interviewed me about censorship on social networks.

5/2016: Der Spiegel and Wired Germany (both in DE) reported on a talk I gave at re:publica about nudity on social networks (with Addie Wagenknecht).

4/2016: Wired Italia covered a panel discussion in which I took part at the International Journalism Festival.

4/2016: Mic wrote an article about a discovery I made.

3/2016: I spoke with Quartz about how US sanctions restrict access to technology.

2/2016: I spoke to the Guardian about Twitter’s issuing of state-sponsored attack warnings to users of the platform.

2/2016: I spoke to CNN Money about

1/2016: I spoke to the Columbia Journalism Review about

12/2015: I spoke to Tech News World about Germany’s attempts to force social media companies to remove hate speech.

12/2015: My project,, was featured in the Indian Express, and HyperAllergic.

11/2015: I spoke to The Verge about France’s attempts to restrict civil liberties in the aftermath of the latest attack.

11/2015: I spoke with Fortune and BBC Newsbeat about

11/2015: I spoke with CBC Canada about The audio is here.

11/2015: I spoke with Rolling Stone about new attempts to promote surveillance in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

11/2015: I was quoted as a member of the Atlantic’s panel of Silicon Valley Insiders.

10/2015: I spoke to Dan Jones at Radio Berkman about Facebook and what we choose to censor.

10/2015: I was interviewed for this ZDNet piece about Germany’s stance on encryption.

10/2015: I spoke to Motherboard about the Reporta app.

9/2015: CNN quoted me in response to the arrest of young tinkerer Ahmed Mohamed.

9/2015: I was quoted by the Christian Science Monitor in response to Facebook collaborating with the German government.

8/2015: I was a target of an Iranian phishing attack featured in Vice, AP, IBTimes, VOA, Netzpolitik, the Daily Beast, BoingBoing, and Heise.

7/2015: I spoke with VICE about Facebook’s memorialization of the profiles of the deceased.

7/2015: Along with my deep lab comrades, I spoke with Vice’s i-d about the collective.

6/2015: I spoke with the Verge about free speech and Reddit.

6/2015: I was profiled by the Daily Dot‘s Curt Hopkins.

6/2015: I was quoted in Fortune on Twitter’s new blocklist feature.

6/2015: My work against “real names” on Facebook was cited by SF Weekly and USA Today.

5/2015: I was quoted by the Huffington Post on online repression in Saudi Arabia.

5/2015: My talk with Claudio Guarnieri on Spy Animals was featured in Der Spiegel,, Netzpolitik and Der Standard.

5/2015: L’Obs Monde profiled me amongst others in this piece about Berlin’s hacker scene.

5/2015: I spoke with Al Jazeera English about Pakistan’s latest cybercrime bill.

5/2015: Al Jazeera America quoted me in a piece for World Press Freedom Day.

4/2015: Index on Censorship cited me in a piece on mass surveillance.

4/2015: I was quoted by the Dallas Morning News on censorship.

4/2015: ITWorld reported on my panel at the Global Conference on Cyberspace.

3/2015: I spoke to the American Conservative about Google Ads censorship.

3/2015: I was profiled by Swiss television station Nuovo.

3/2015: I spoke to Al Jazeera about Facebook’s Community Standards.

2/2015: I was on MSNBC’s Roadmap to discuss harassment and terrorism on online platforms.

2/2015: I was quoted by Newsweek on Twitter’s latest transparency report.

2/2015: The BBC reported on a talk I gave with Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian.

2/2015: I was quoted by the Verge with respect to France’s latest censorship attempts.

2/2015: I was interviewed by Lina Attalah for knowledgemaze.

1/2015: I spoke with Italy’s L’Espresso about the Berlin scene.

1/2015: I spoke with The Verge about the threat of greater law enforcement powers in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

1/2015: I spoke with Italy’s The Local about surveillance measures in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

1/2015: I spoke with NBC News about Mark Zuckerberg’s free speech comments in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo murders.

11/2014: I was quoted in two stories by Vice’s Motherboard about corporate complicity in censorship.

11/2014: I spoke with the Guardian about comments made by the head of GHCQ about Silicon Valley companies and censorship.

11/2014: I participated in the Atlantic‘s “Silicon Valley Insiders Panel”.

10/2014: I was quoted by MakeUseOf on what the next 10 years of Internet censorship look like.

10/2014: I was quoted by Newsweek and BetaBeat in regards to transgender persons and drag performers being kicked off Facebook.

9/2014: I was quoted by the New York Times, Forbes, and the AP in response to leaked nude celebrity photos.

9/2014: I spoke with The Verge about how Facebook’s abuse button is used to silence speech.

8/2014: I spoke with the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, KCRW’s To the Point, ThinkProgress, and the International Business Times about whether social media companies should host violent images.

7/2014: I spoke with the Asia Digital Life Project about Internet controls in Southeast Asia.

7/2014: IFEX quoted me in a piece on The Right to Be Forgotten.

7/2014: I spoke with VOA about Cambodia’s “cybercrime” draft law.

7/2014: I was cited in an editorial by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

7/2014: I spoke with Epoch Times about LinkedIn’s censorship in China.

7/2014: I spoke with about threats to the open Internet

6/2014: I was quoted in Australia’s The Monthly on NSA spying.

6/2014: I spoke with the UNDispatch podcast about my work.

6/2014: I spoke with Computer Weekly about how Iraqis are circumventing online censorship.

6/2014: Global Voices highlighted my winning Knight News Challenge project.

6/2014: I talked to the BBC about Iraq’s censorship of social media websites.

6/2014: I talked to Vice News about Facebook censorship.

5/2014: I spoke with Salon about financial censorship of sex workers.

5/2014: I spoke with the San Jose Mercury News about hashtag activism.

4/2014: I spoke with Natalie Nahai, the Web Psychologist, for her podcast, on free speech, surveillance, and feminism.

4/2014: I spoke with TechCrunch about business and censorship.

4/2014: I was profiled by the Personal Democracy Forum, at which I’ll be speaking this year.

4/2014: I spoke with NBC News about USAID-funded ZunZuneo (aka “Cuban Twitter”).

3/2014: I spoke with Newsweek and Yahoo! News about Turkey’s Twitter ban.

3/2014: I spoke with Al Jazeera English about Internet use in Syria.

3/2014: Index on Censorship included me in a list of eight women fighting for freedom of expression.

3/2014: I participated in the Globe and Mail‘s debate on whether the Internet is a threat or a gift to democracy.

2/2014: I was quoted by Newsweek on the surveillance practices of the Syrian government.

2/2014: I spoke with Laurie Penny for a piece on cyber bullying for Al Jazeera America.

2/2014: I spoke with the International Business Times about Tunisia’s new surveillance body.

2/2014: I spoke with Arab Talk Radio about mass surveillance.

2/2014: A special report by the Committee to Protect Journalists quotes me with respect to Iranian Internet censorship.

2/2014: The International Press Institute conducted an interview with me on digital security.

2/2014: The Daily Californian reported on a panel discussion at Berkeley on which I spoke.

1/2014: BBC Mundo: On digital security (in Spanish).

1/2014: The Kuwait News Agency reported on AB14, at which I spoke.

12/2013: I was interviewed by the Tehran Review (Farsi).

12/2013: I was named to the Telegraph‘s list of 42 women to follow on Twitter.

12/2013: Canada’s National Post: on the UAE’s detention of US citizen Shezanne Casim.

12/2013: Wired: on Android’s censorship of keywords.

11/2013: eTalks conducted an interview with me on my work with EFF and Global Voices.

11/2013 Moment Magazine featured my views in a debate on the regulation of hate speech.

11/2013: Poynter, BoingBoing, The Week, Cracked: on the hilarious New York Times correction at the bottom of this piece.

10/2013: New York Times: on Suzanne Somers’ “expert” commentary (bonus: My Halloween Twitter name is mentioned).

10/2013: Bloomberg Businessweek, GigaOm, Huffington Post, Business Insider: on “Facebook’s standards problem.”

10/2013: McClatchy: on Popular Science’s decision to remove their comments section.

10/2013: I spoke with KALW about the value of online comment sections.

10/2013: ars technica: on moving away from Google products in light of surveillance revelations.

9/2013: The Guardian: on Brazil’s plan to regulate citizens’ data.

9/2013: Reuters: on the possible unblocking of Facebook in Iran.

9/2013: Reuters, Foreign Policy: on the free speech implications of Twitter’s IPO.

9/2013: The Washington Post conducted an interview with me on my views on the censorship of sexist speech.

9/2013: HuffPost Live: on Internet censorship in China.

8/2013: I was listed by the Huffington Post as one of “28 female thinkers you should know.”

8/2013: The Wall Street Journal, HuffPost Live: on Airbnb denying service to Iranians.

7/2013: An interview with Croatian publication on surveillance and censorship.

7/2013: The Daily Beast: on Apple’s censorship of keywords on iOS devices.

7/2013: I spoke with Tunisian publication Nawaat (in French) about the NSA’s PRISM.

6/2013: El Diario: on Google Palestine (Spanish).

6/2013: TechPresident: on the use of security tools when reporting from censored environments.

6/2013: GigaOm, HuffPost Live: on Google’s Project Loon.

6/2013: Foreign Policy: on the use of Twitter by terrorist organizations.

5/2013: Forbes, CBC Radio’s The Current, GigaOm, BBC World Have Your Say, The Telegraph: on Facebook’s treatment of sexist content.

5/2013: Lebanon’s Daily Star: on deep packet inspection technology

5/2013: Jordan Times: on Arab public opinion about censorship.

5/2013: Radio Bethlehem, on Palestinian Internet policy.

5/2013: Corriere della Sera (in Italian): on Do Not Track.

5/2013: HuffPost Live: on the future of free speech on platforms such as Google and Facebook.

4/2013: PRI’s The World: on the Syrian Electronic Army.

4/2013: El País: on online memes (in Spanish).

4/2013: An interview (in Turkish) with Milliyet on media and censorship in Turkey and elsewhere.

3/2013: A Q&A with Nieman Lab: on just-in-time censorship, scaling connectors, and more (translated into Portuguese here).

2/2013: Columbia Journalism Review: on Azeri blogger Emin Milli.

2/2013: FOX News: on the state of Internet freedom worldwide.

2/2013: I spoke with HuffPost Live on the challenges of safeguarding free expression.

1/2013: New York Times: on “objectivity” in journalism.

12/2012: ars technica: on the launch of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

11/2012: TechPresident: on the Syrian government shutting down the Internet.

11/2012: The New Yorker: on Twitter’s responsibility toward certain types of speech.

10/2012: The Atlantic: on Syria’s digital proxy war.

10/2012: An interview with conducted during .SE’s “Internetdagarna” conference in Stockholm.

10/2012: New York Times: on Twitter censoring Nazi content in Germany.

10/2012: Economist (print edition): on online free speech.

9/2012: Video from the annual Cyber Dialogue: What is Stewardship in Cyberspace?

9/2012: The Nation; Huffington Post Live; CBC Radio’s Day 6; CyberLaw and Business Report: on YouTube’s censorship of the “Innocence of Muslims” video.

9/2012: An interview with Zeit Online on the balance of rights and responsibilities online.

8/2012: Washington Post: on the negative effects of technology sanctions on the Syrian and Iranian opposition.

7/2012: New York Times, Guardian, Huffington Post Live, Al Jazeera’s Inside Story (video): on the suspension by Twitter of journalist Guy Adams’ account during the Olympics.

6/2012: ars technica: on Google’s efforts toward being more transparent to its users.

5/2012:; two extensive articles about my work in German, following my talk at re:publica.

4/2012: The Swedish Foreign Ministry conducted an interview with me at the Stockholm Internet Forum.

3/2012: Sean Aday of GWU’s Institute for Public Policy and Global Communication reviewed a paper I co-authored in the Journal of Communications.

3/2012: Forbes: on the Pakistani government’s public solicitation of filtering technology.

3/2012: Chronicle of Philanthropy; Al Jazeera’s Inside Story: on the Stop Kony 2012 campaign.

2/2012: I co-hosted two episodes of MediaShift’s MediaTwits podcast: discussing Twitter, Pinterest and censorship in the Arab world.

2/2012: I spoke with WNYC’s On the Media on the ways in which Facebook’s restrictive policies are shifting norms.

1/2012: New York Times; Foreign Policy, Guardian: on Twitter and censorship

1/2012: AFP: on how the Internet is fueling the Palestinian drive for free expression.

12/2011: Fast Company: on Saudi’s Kingdom Holdings’ purchase of Twitter shares and what it means for free expression on the social network.

12/2011: Marketplace Tech Report: on TIME’s person of the year, “the protester”

12/2011: named to the Levo League‘s “Twitter-ful list of women crucial to foreign policy.”

12/2011: CNN International (video); International Business Times: on the arrest of Razan Ghazzawi.

12/2011: Al Arabiya (in Arabic) on PalConnect, the first Palestinian social media conference.

10/2011: I was profiled by the Women in the World Foundation.

10/2011: Mother Jones: on the use of BlueCoat surveillance technology in Syria.

10/2011: Tunisia Live TV: on the Third Arab Bloggers Meeting in Tunis.

9/2011: Al Jazeera English (video): on the defacement by Anonymous of several Syrian government websites.

9/2011: I spoke with NPR Weekend Edition Sunday about the Syrian Electronic Army.

9/2011: The Majalla: on the use of social media in the Middle East.

9/2011: Deustchlandradio Kultur (in German): on the export of surveillance technologies by Western governments to authoritarian regimes.

8/2011: I spoke with WNYC’s On The Media on the dangerous precedent set by BART in shutting down mobile networks.

8/2011: South Africa’s Daily Maverick: on the use of digital tools for criminal organizing

8/2011: WNPR’s Colin McEnroe Show: on BART’s shutdown of mobile networks.

8/2011: I spoke with Bloomberg West on the UK riots and possible censorship of social media.

8/2011:  CNN; KCBS San Francisco: on the importance of preserving the right to anonymity on social networks.

6/2011: Foreign Policy named me as one of the Top 100 Twitterati tweeting about foreign policy.

6/2011: BBC4’s Media Show; CNN International: on the ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ hoax.

6/2011: The Nation (video): on the use of ‘national security’ claims as a guise for crackdowns.

5/2011: The Nation: on YouTube’s policies toward violent content.

5/2011: Canada’s Financial Post covered a panel I spoke on which I spoke at the University of Toronto.

5/2011: I appeared on Al Jazeera Stream from Toronto with co-host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

5/2011: ABC Australia: on Facebook’s policies.

5/2011: I co-hosted an episode of Al Jazeera Stream from the Newseum.

4/2011: I was profiled by the Boston Globe.

3/2011: O’Reilly Radar profiled a discussion between Ethan Zuckerman and me held at Lesley University.

3/2011: Fast Company: on American tech helping MidEast censors

3/2011: The Financial Post: on the export of US-made filtering software

3/2011: PRI’s The World: on Facebook’s removal of a page advocating for a third intifada.

3/2011: RFE/RL: on the censorship of my blog by software made by US company Websense.

3/2011: MIT Technology Review: on a SXSW panel discussion—on human rights and social media—in which I participated.

3/2011: VOA: on the Tunisian government’s phishing attacks against activists.

2/2011: The New York Times: on Bahrain’s Internet filtering.

2/2011: Bloomberg TV: on the use of American-built filtering technology by authoritarian regimes.

2/2011: The New York Times: on Facebook’s “real names” policy.

2/2011: Al Jazeera’s Inside Story: on the use of social media in Egypt.

2/2011: The New York Times: on the why the “We are All Khaled Said” Facebook page was effective in mobilizing protesters.

2/2011: AP: on the rapid proliferation of messaging tool Speak2Tweet during Egypt’s Internet blackout.

1/2011: WHYY Radio, Philadelphia: on Egypt and social media.

1/2011: A Q&A with Foreign Policy on Egypt’s Internet shutdown.

1/2011: Wall Street Journal: on Global Voices’ reporting amidst Egypt’s Internet blackout.

1/2011: NPR’s Science Friday: on the use of social media for political change in the Arab world.

1/2011: WBUR’s Here & Now: on the use of social media in Egyptian protests.

1/2011: A discussion with Radio France on whether Tunisia’s was a ‘Twitter revolution’.

1/2011: A Q&A with Canada’s National Post on Tunisia and social media.

1/2011: ABC World News: on social media in Tunisia.

10/2010: LA Times: on the closure of the domain by the Libyan Spider Network.

9/2010: Chronicle of Philanthropy: on Internet activism.

9/2010: VOA: on Haystack and bad tech journalism.

9/2010: ABC News: on the “Arab digital vanguard.”

5/2010: Al Jazeera’s Inside Story: on the debate over Facebook privacy.

3/2010:  CNN: on proposed Internet filtering in Venezuela.

11/2009:  Committee to Protect Journalists: on the work of the OpenNet Initiative.

8/2009:  New Scientist: on the OpenNet Initiative project.

04/2009: The Guardian: on LinkedIn’s restriction of Syrian users.