Best part of the Summit – Neha Viswanathan taught us Bollywood dance moves (ask me about the “screw-in-a-lighbulb-and-pet-the-dog”) this morning to the tune of this:

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The GV Summit is amazing for a number of reasons – the connections we make, the names put to faces, and of course, the sessions. Session 3 today, “When Biases Meet Biases,” China was the hot topic – namely, Tibet and the difference of opinion between the Western media and Chinese media of all forms, […]

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GV Summit: Day One: AWESOME!

That’s just a tiny modification to the title of my post on the GV Summit site. Day One was quite awesome, despite the fact that I, as per usual, lost the ability to pay attention near the end of the day. Unfortunately, I was right up front, so I couldn’t just potter off for a […]