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GV Summit: Day One: AWESOME!

That’s just a tiny modification to the title of my post on the GV Summit site. Day One was quite awesome, despite the fact that I, as per usual, lost the ability to pay attention near the end of the day. Unfortunately, I was right up front, so I couldn’t just potter off for a cup of coffee. Fortunately, I was right up front, so I was able to pay more attention than I would have had I been in back.

I liveblogged several sessions, wore out my wrists and brain, listened to my lovely colleagues share their stories (I have a soft spot for Session 2: Citizen Media and Online Free Speech; Ory Okollah’s story was incredibly moving, and hearing about issues in Morocco from Amine was great – Morocco is definitely representin’), and then promptly tied one on. Early this morning, walking back to the hotel, I remarked that it was light out. True story.

Also, I’m pretty sure Luis Carlos Diaz, currently speaking, just referred to blogging as a sport. Awesome.

I also took lots of photos yesterday; so did many people – check out the Flickr tag gvsummit08. Here are a few of my own, from yesterday and the evening before:

My dear friend Renata Avila and me

The new GV t-shirts!

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