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Since it was the wonderful Lalla Lydia who tagged me for this meme, I can’t help but give in and participate!

The Rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

The Facts:

1. When I was a kid, one of my dream jobs was that of toll booth worker. I just really liked the idea of constantly being inside a small space.
2. Perhaps inspired by one of my very first blogging friends, though years ago, I keep anywhere from five to ten lip glosses in my bag at all times. My favorites are C.O. Bigelow, Einstein, Alba, and Burt’s Bees.
3. While my mother was quite pregnant with me, my parents were on the TV game show Family Feud. They won twice.
4. I have, for my entire life, experienced severe emetophobia. Until recently, I had never met anyone else who suffers from it, but learned a few months ago that a co-worker has the same phobia.
5. I love George Lopez. I love him when he does stand-up, I love his TV show (which I never caught until recently, on Nick at Nite). He slays me.
6. All my life, I couldn’t stand cats. Then somehow, in Morocco, something clicked and I began wanting to take every cat home with me. I guess I finally got my caternal instinct.
7. I started blogging in 2001! Back then, of course, I didn’t call it blogging. It was “online journaling” and mine was at Livejournal.com. I didn’t start my first completely public, actual blog until 2005, when I moved to Morocco.

I know I’m supposed to tag people, but I always feel awkward about that (there you go, bonus fact #8, I’ve got online social anxiety!) , so please, if you’re interested, do it up and say I tagged you :)

Remember the internet in ’96?

I remember the internet in 1996.  It was about two years after my family got our first internet connection (through Prodigy, an early AOL competitor) and I’d just gotten my first e-mail address (jill@mv.com) and had begun to use Netscape Navigator to navigate the big ol’ WWW.  I wish I could remember what sites I looked at back then, but I’m sure it was mostly stuff hosted on Geocities)

Although my own memory is lacking, fortunately someone else has put together a lovely montage of the web as it was.  Thanks to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, you too can see what the web was like back in the day.  Or if you’re an impatient type, this site will give you a small taste of the olden days.

My personal favorite retro site:

What’s not to love?  I mean, the excessive use of Times New Roman is a little glib, but those lego men are kickass!

Make Way for Ducklings

When I learned that my GV friend Renata would be in town for the Berkman@10 celebration, I told her that she just had to stay an extra day so she could come to my birthday party.  Although all sorts of chaos involving her awful subletter in Somerville prevented her from staying very long (instead leading her to my apartment to crash with the kitties), I was glad to have her at my birthday party.

The next morning, having been unable to find them all week, she ventured into the Common to find something which, to her and to me, is an integral part of Boston…

…The famous ducklings!  These little quackers, if you didn’t already know, are based on the Robert McCloskey book Make Way for Ducklings.  The book, which won the 1942 Caldecott Medal for children’s literature, follows Mr. and Mrs. Mallard through Boston as they search for a home.  It was named the official state children’s book of Massachusetts in 2000 (Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Suess, is the official state children’s author.)

Renata even singled out the most adorable little duckling (photo entitled “el patito con personalidad”):

The duckling statues were created by artist Nancy Schön and installed in 1987.  Even prior to the statue’s installation, however, the City of Boston has held a Duckling Day Parade each year, during which children dress up as ducklings and, with their parents, retrace the steps the Mallards took.

Incidentally, former First Lady Barbara Bush made a gift of ducklings to Russia’s First Lady at the time Raisa Gorbachev.  The statue was placed in Novodevichy Park in Moscow.  Sadly, several of the ducks have been  stolen over the years,  but all were replaced in 2000:

Boston ducklings by Renata Avila Pinto; Russian ducklings by Alan Cordova.

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