Remember the internet in ’96?

I remember the internet in 1996.  It was about two years after my family got our first internet connection (through Prodigy, an early AOL competitor) and I’d just gotten my first e-mail address ( and had begun to use Netscape Navigator to navigate the big ol’ WWW.  I wish I could remember what sites I looked at back then, but I’m sure it was mostly stuff hosted on Geocities)

Although my own memory is lacking, fortunately someone else has put together a lovely montage of the web as it was.  Thanks to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, you too can see what the web was like back in the day.  Or if you’re an impatient type, this site will give you a small taste of the olden days.

My personal favorite retro site:

What’s not to love?  I mean, the excessive use of Times New Roman is a little glib, but those lego men are kickass!

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This is really great. Websites of that caliber can be developed now within a matter of minutes. I wonder how long it took them back then to come up with such stunning websites. =)

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