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I’ve been home from Syria for ten days, and pathetically, I have only written one blog post. I’ve been busy, you see – looking for a new apartment, catching up on work, being human…and absorbing. Since Prague, I haven’t traveled anywhere personally significant, and even Prague, even the city of a thousand spires, didn’t meet […]

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Morocco: Disappearing the Amazigh

So it looks like the Moroccans are at it again. Instead of just letting people be who they are, the government is still going on about their naming laws. In other words, if you want to give your child an Amazigh (Berber) name, tough luck. Moroccan human rights groups recently proposed a list of Amazigh […]

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Filtering in the News

Popular torrent sharing site The Pirate Bay is the victor in a recent legal battle against Italian anti-piracy group IFPI.  Following a court order, the site was blocked in July, but the block resulted in an inadvertant traffic increase.  You may recall that I’m a big fan of Peter Sunde (mostly because he replies to […]