Ignite Talk: Jacobo Quintanilla

This is a liveblog post from the International Conference on Crisis Mapping at Tufts University.  You can also follow tweets from the event’s many open laptops at the #ICCM10 hashtag.

Jacobo Quintanilla of Internews takes the stage for an ignite talk.

Quintanilla, based in Sri Lanka, notes that he was pulled into this work because of his French language abilities.

He explains that Internews would hold weekly coordination meetings with policy people and humanitarians, provide support to local media and journalists.

Quintanilla notes the importance of feedback, dialogue, and information from local communities; he says that as we help people, we’re often raising expectations.

He notes the importance of pulling together a broad network of people doing all different kinds of work; he notes that part of their work was even to bring the World Cup to camps in Port-au-Prince to raise morale.

“Haiti has proven that this is exciting work and we just need to keep up momentum.”

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