Why I Don’t Understand America: The Illustrated Edition

Could someone please explain to me why American Muslims–a great number of whom live in New York–should be concerned with the feelings of an Alaskan when it comes to an Islamic community center (not a mosque, a community center) being built in Manhattan?

I don’t understand why Cordoba House is a problem, I don’t understand why it “stabs hearts,” and I don’t understand why Americans continuously demand that “moderate Muslims” repudiate terrorists but then can’t recognize the difference between a Muslim and a terrorist themselves.

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This is so backwards and insane. Tea Party people who talk about loving the constitution so much trying to prevent religious freedom and freedom to assemble.

Closer to home for Governor Palin, perhaps drilling for oil in the pristine Alaskan Tundra might stab a few hearts as well?

Are we sure we are talking about religious freedom and freedom to express?
When we talk about muslim rights, we are pro-freedom and pro-freedom of expression.
But if we talk about all others, we are anti-freedom and anti-freedom of expression.
How long do you think such and attitude will survive?
And bigger question, why this bias?

It was border-line blasphemous to say the least. makes me wonder, where’s this ‘outreach program’ Obama talked about so much. I only see him occupying and killing Muslims outside the states and turning a deaf ears to oppressed Muslims inside.

harsh? try living in Afghanistan…

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