Size Matters

I know this is an awfully silly post to kick off my new blog design.  I can’t help it.  /explanation.

Last weekend Yazan chatted me up with a fun fact: Marlboros in Japan are nearly 20% shorter than those back in his home country of Syria.  His question: “Do you think Marlboro Japan is being racist?”  While we, of course, proceeded to make all kinds of cracks (about height, you cheeky monkeys!), the fact of the matter is, it’s true: Japanese Marlboros are indeed 20% shorter than Syrian ones.


Then it occurred to both of us that, without a frame of reference, we couldn’t actually prove that the Japanese smokes were the different ones.  So I dug into my own pack, pulled up my trusty iRuler (which is awesome because no, I don’t actually have a ruler in my house), and lo and behold – American Marlboros are equal to Japanese ones.  There goes that racism theory!

And with the determination that Syrian cigarettes are, in fact, the longer ones, you would think my friend would have some great innuendo; but alas, no: “You bastards, you are literally trying to kill us.”

Photo Credit: The inimitable Yazan

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