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It’s been a long two weeks.  It hasn’t felt right to blog about anything personal, despite the fact that I haven’t stopped observing the insanity of daily life and taking notes and have been dying to write about it all.  I continue to amuse myself by watching people on the bus from behind dark glasses.  I continue to read voraciously.  I continue to be alive.

But I also can’t escape what’s going on in Gaza, and my life has been tied up in that since December 27. I will never feel as if I’m doing enough, but I’m doing what I can.  It’s important to note that I did not choose today to break the blogging trend because of the “ceasfire”; my blog is not under ceasefire.  Rather, I have something important to say.

I’ve gotten a lot of flak for my beliefs.  I know, it’s oh-so-preposterous for most to imagine that not all Americans are zionuts.  It’s so difficult for people to imagine that my beliefs come from inside, from what I feel is right, rather than from the fact I’ve lived in an Arab country.  It’s so difficult to imagine an American who believes in justice and resistance.

But that’s not even what I wanted to say.  Instead, I want to thank my friends from Global Voices.

Now, GV’s intent is not to be biased, and unfortunately, not everyone believes that.  But I’m not thanking GV in an official capacity, anyway.  It is the incredible people I’ve met because of my involvement; those who have supported both my career and me personally, that I appreciate and am forever indebted to.  It is those who stand by me, whether by defending me on comment threads, or sending me messages, or reminding me to smile.  Some of you don’t even agree with me, and yet have gone to great lengths to back me up.  You are numerous, and you are appreciated.  Thank you.

Photo by Joi Ito.

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I love that image of GV, all different faces, races, ethnic backgrounds. Definitely looks like a group of people who represent the global voice.

People in America take too much for granted. I’ve found it nice to follow you through twitter and now on FB, you are definitely someone I would be friends with if we were closer geographically. I keep thinking about the people of Gaza and wish I could do more as well, but outside of writing, speaking out and spreading the word, I can’t do anything and I have come to realize that. In Alabama, I’m still struggling to find groups of people who rise up against this, I’m surrounded by people who live day to day without a thought to what is going on in the world.

Jillian, I very much respect your views. You are a bright light in a sea of apathy and ignorance (I know the words are harsh but that’s how I see it)…its such a relief to see it. The times are difficult and standing by one’s convictions even more difficult…but you have done that and more. Thank you.

@Professor Mikey – I understand how you feel, and believe me, your awareness is important. Despite being in Boston, I still feel lonely when it comes to likeminded folks sometimes. GV is an amazing group; and don’t think the fact that you’re from the US limits you from getting involved :)

@Mariyah – Thank you so much; don’t worry about the harsh words, I’m bowled over by the words of kindness directed at me ;) I’m so glad we connected (I’ll have to thank Yazan for pointing out your blog to me)

@Jillian I definitely need to spend more time going through the site and if there is anyway I can help out, let me know. I’m hoping to get involved with more things as the year goes on. I refuse to let my job overtake my passion that has been stirred this past month – just have to figure out how to do that. Money and time are tight, but at least I’m thinking and I don’t want to stop.

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