“Gaza Children”

There’s something about the clean sharp lines of Abdellah Derkaoui’s work that makes him one of my favorite political cartoonists (along with Carlos Latuff and Steve Breen, the latter of whose cartoons I often fundamentally disagree with).  Derkaoui uses such bright colors, his intent is always clear.

MSNBC cartoonist Daryl Cagle has posted a selection of cartoons under the heading “Gaza Children.”  Note the stark difference between the American cartoonists and those from the rest of the world.

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This collection really shows how badly biased US media is. I won’t say everything is better over here in good old Europe (and one should also note that the Arab contributions don’t show any diversity either) – but hey, that’s extreme.

And as always I wonder how people can accept this. I mean, I cannot believe they’re not seeing that this is not true!

Yeah, that one is great! Liked it very much; I think its rather minimalistic aesthetics fit this horrible situation more than the detailed accusations of many other cartoons.

When it comes to the Arab cartoons being less propagandistic you make a point. Don’t know how it would be if the topic was Gaza as a whole and not only Gaza Children, but for this it is nearly obvious.

I think you’re right; if the topic were Gaza on the whole, it would be a different story, but when it comes to children, I think the American cartoonists were out of line.

And I say that first part while fully supporting the Arab cartoonists’ work. That said, the job of a political cartoonist is to lampoon a person or situation…but there are times when it’s taken too far.

There’s much difference between those cartoons and the view in newspapers in Egypt, Mostly It’s limited with the restrictions as the most popular newspapers are governmentally supported ..

Very nice collection of cartoons ..
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I just found an old book of three little kids on the post war Germany. Germans expelled from the area near Prague. Reading it you realize that to solve a State problem those little lives are invisible and the leaders ordering the bombings will never ever meet them, talk to them or really care about all the homeless people their orders caused. Probably they do not even say good morning to the housekeeper. But they are the “leaders” of the world. Elected by democracies. :(

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