Michelle Malkin should bite me.

Are you reading this?  ‘Cause I am.  First Michelle Malkin takes the kaffiyeh out of the Dunkin’ commercial, and now she’s calling our future First Lady a “baby mama?”  Give me a break!

I don’t watch Fox anyway (except for Family Guy, which I suppose I will have to just start watching on DVD/TBS instead) and have never quite understood why anyone does.  Look at how the female commentators and journalists dress!  Unprofessional, bordering on inappropriate at times.  A bunch of misogynists, if you ask me.

Thanks Huffington Post for the article.  For your laughs, here’s a great comment from that article, from one Lars Gruber:

Hey, you got racism in my sexism!

No, you got sexism in my racism!

It’s two, two, two types of bigotry in one!

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