New job!

I’ve been keeping a secret…not very well, I suppose, because I realize that I posted it on twitter (forgetting, of course, that I use friendfeed), but I’m ready for the secret to finally come out…

I am leaving my job at a wonderful Boston non-profit to move on to something more my style (I’m currently in development, which I thought was my career path but learned that I’m just not that passionate about it).

What is my new job, you ask? I am the new Project Coordinator for the OpenNet Initiative at Berkman Center at Harvard. Wow, and I thought my previous job title was long (Development Assistant/Office Manager/Grantwriter).

Needless to say, I’m very excited about this move, as well as (of course) sad about leaving Career Collaborative, which I have grown to truly love.

I also need to espouse, for a moment, on how this came to pass. You see, I learned about the whole concept of networking rather late in life. Sheltered through high school and college (though certainly social), it never occurred to me that the friendships I made along the way could later help me in my career.

It was April of 2007 when I started writing for Global Voices. But it wasn’t until February of 2007 that I actually met another “GVer.”  And it was two GVers who helped me get to this new job.

So thank you Solana and Ethan!

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