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Razan, Alaa, Ali.

Budapest, 2008

I’ve spoken publicly quite a few times about the influence of the Arabloggers network, an organic network that Sami Ben Gharbia turned into a semi-annual conference in the summer of 2008 in Beirut (at which all three above were present, though this picture is from Budapest that same summer) and repeated in Beirut 2009 and Tunis 2011.  This photo, of Razan Ghazzawi (arrested yesterday), Alaa Abd El Fattah (arrested in October) and Ali Abdulemam (sentenced in absentia by the Bahraini authorities, and currently in hiding), is a testament to what a powerful network Arabloggers is, and what a threat regimes see it as.

I can’t believe I’d never seen the photo before.  Thanks, @chanadbh.

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  1. Dear brave bloggers,
    I am so grateful for your courage, and hoping that you and all others who have been arbitrarily detained are released immediately. Your courage inspires us.

  2. Here is an excerpt of the great intellectual achivements of the great thinker Ali Abdulemam… :-)

    Taken from the website of this…”person” (abdulemam blogspot com).

    “their price of fuck or been fucked, cause its one of their needs also so don’t sue me, more than two weeks, those who suppose to watch us cus we gave them our voices they didn’t give a shit about whats going on their, and those mother fuckers”

    “indians, pakistanis or what ever mother fucker is working thier”

    “he donesn’t need to bullshit us this kamal eldeen and say he will issue a good reports, while his money is paid by the royal family, how ever michel jackson, the one most of the religious doesn’t want us to hear him, and the jews doesn’t want as usual”

    “its a big shame and a big shit for tamkeen”

    Yeah his courage really inspires us.. ;-)

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