Are UK and German ISPs blocking Hamas-sponsored website? Probably not.

Recent reports on Twitter (and Herdict) indicate that ISPs in the UK and Germany might be blocking the English-language site of Hamas-affiliated Palestinian Information Center.  Some users, when visiting the site, have reported timeouts:

A report from blogger Prosebeforehos indicates that US ISPs Comcast and Verizon have blocked the DNS entry for the site, however, commenter JMCesteves explains:

It seems just a problem of (now) lame DNS delegation (but I don’t know if any changes have been motivated by something else previously):
DNS service for the domain is delegated to and and from whois for one can see these were supposed to be & The second one is not replying, and the first one doesn’t know those ‘ns1′ and ‘ns2′ names, although from it one can see that the only name server with authority for is now supposed to be and the one for is now supposed to be Meanwhile, previous identical results for the address of (also may be cached in some name servers, explaining why some people can easily access the web while others can’t.

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