Nothing Like a Boston Spring

I’m tired of perpetual winter. Every time I look outside, be it from my bedroom or a bus, it’s raining. I roll up my jeans, tuck my scarf around my head, fend off the stares of curious Harvard kids, and for what? By the time I make it to the office, I’m soaking wet. I sometimes don’t know why I bother.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I’m moving on Monday, and when I look at the forecast and every picture has clouds or raindrops, I want to crawl under my pillow and not come back out. There’s nothing like a Boston spring to take the wind out of you.

This is more personal than I usually allow on my blog. When I think about that, I giggle, but if you’d read my first blog eight years ago, you’d understand.

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Hi Jillian,

I came across your blog via The Moroccan Report and I always enjoy your insight on the subjects you discuss. It is much appreciated! I hope you are moving to a place with a little more sunshine!

For me, the place I am in does not matter. What matters is what I should do so as to make that
place meet my needs and deires despite the terrible weather.

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