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Israel won’t let foreign journalists into Gaza, but they’re losing the media war nonetheless. Haunting images of dead Palestinian children flood global newspapers, Al Jazeera captures images of white phosphorus exploding over Gaza. I don’t see how it isn’t obvious to everyone that this has become genocide. 763 Palestinians dead. Seven hundred and sixty three. One third of them children. This is genocide.

In 1995, 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were massacred in Srebrenica. Genocide. Today, the survivors of the Srebrenica massacre spoke out against the massacre going on right now in Palestine:

“During the war, the blood, the suffering and the pain were our everyday scenes and I cannot help but sympathise with the Palestinian people,” said another protester. “It all reminds us of what we went through during the war and it must stop.”

When genocide survivors call it genocide…

A recommended online reading list:

Body On the Line
Electronic Intifada
Global Voices Special Gaza Coverage

A list of bloggers in Gaza:

In Gaza
Gaza Strip, the Untold Story
Raising Yusuf and Noor: Diary of a Palestinian Mother
Lamentations – Gaza
Rafah Kid

Moments of Gaza (group blog)
Tales to Tell

A list of Twitter users tweeting from or solely about Gaza (and greater Palestine):


Feel free to suggest links…I’m happy to include them.

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I’ve kept quiet with your recent blog posts but I can’t stay silent anymore, Jillian.

I’m curious how you would answer this question: If you agree that Israel would not attack Gaza if Hamas was not in control and violating human rights laws by using its people as shields, then wouldn’t you also agree the true genocide is committed by Hamas? And shouldn’t the Gazans do everything in their power to help Israel destroy Hamas?

“And shouldn’t the Gazans do everything in their power to help Israel destroy Hamas?”

So what, Ari…so they can relinquish themselves back into the arms of Israel? I see your point, but at this point, it’s irrelevant.

I also DON’T agree that Israel wouldn’t attack Gaza if Hamas weren’t in control. Israel invades houses in the West Bank still. Israel bulldozes Palestinian homes, still. Israel kills Palestinian children, still. Israel is also violating international law.

I don’t like Hamas ideologically. But at this point, that’s so irrelevant.

just caught the last part of the discussion on btr, good to hear your voice, and very much appreciate the work u r doing.

about genocide – it is not just the number of people slaughtered that constitutes genocide but the whole zionist ethnic cleansing campaign since 1948.

similarly, the word holocaust does not belong to the jewish people.

Thanks Ernie…I agree; I apologize for my hesitation around the use of certain words…It comes from a place of diplomacy, not a place of disagreement, I can promise that.

got into a brief exchange with mic1011 on twitter about holocaust and genocide cause he objected to calling it a holocaust…

@mic1011 would u prefer genocide to holocaust? #gaza about 9 hours ago from FriendFeed in reply to mic1011
mic1011: @ernieyacub I can honestly say genocide is preferred to Holocaust. As bad as things are, this is no holocaust. #gaza #israel
@mic1011 actually both genocide and holocaust which is defined as “a great or complete devastation or destruction,… about 9 hours ago
mic1011: @ernieyacub ok call it what you want. They asked for this and now changed their mind? That’s not how war works. Always victims. #gaza
@mic1011 genocide and holocaust are war crimes wouldn’t you agree? #gaza about 9 hours ago from web in reply to mic1011
mic1011 @ernieyacub yes they are war crimes. Just like firing rockets at civilians for 8 years. BTW Israel cannot be tried for war crimes.#gaza

Hamas…hamas…hamas…such a parroting…i know that some people beleive if they continue to repeat that we will stop searching for what is going on…Hamas rockets were fired not to “Israel” but to teritory where those Gazans used to leave before they were expelled from their homes… people use to speak – as genocide over palestinans started 20 days ago..Unfortunatelly it lasts for decades…They have a full right to protect themselves as well as they can fire rockets to their own land which is simply stolen by israel. Look for UN resolutions..Look for promisses that Palestinans never saw. Is not Jerusalem occupied by israeli soldiers?
Also accusing everybody for antisemitism just because someone disagree with zionyst politics is becoming very boring. Why we can say anything we want about iranians and not about israelis.Many muslims are semiths too but obviously they do not deserve the right to be treated equally. Why? becuse we live in black and white world where which is even worse some people still beleive they can “apologize” for killing just born kids!!! Shamefull!!!

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