Two Wars

The terror and destruction does not look as if it will come to an end anytime soon. Friends are growing weary. Today, I got a call from my friend Mohammed Omer, who is from Rafah. While he is fortunate enough to be in the Netherlands right now (Fortunate? He’s there because he was beaten brutally by Israeli security services), his family isn’t. He reported that his mother received one of the “warning calls” from the IDF this week, telling her to get out of her house “for her own safety.”

The call ended shortly because neither of us had anything more we could say.

And amidst all this, while people are losing their homes, their children, their lives, an online war is being waged. Israeli organizations, more likely than not backed by the IDF, are hacking Facebook groups, getting people kicked off Twitter or deleting tweets, and getting YouTube videos taken down. Looking at the big picture, it seems like such a waste of time, but the idea of Israel winning the propaganda war and gaining more support…well, that’s what keeps me going.

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