Hyperlocal Blogging: The Coffee in Berkman’s Kitchen

I wish this had been my idea: Tim Hwang is blogging the Berkman Center’s coffee selection.  Will it be French Roast or Italian Roast?  Tully’s or Van Houtte?

We have one of those obnoxiously un-green, would-make-Al-Gore-weep Keurig thingamabobs.  It’s fantastic in some ways; you choose your own flavor (rather than getting stuck with the same cheap Maxwell House crap everyone else will drink), you brew it yourself (ensuring its relative freshness), and Berkman is great about stocking ten or so varieties at any given time.

Unfortunately, many of them are icky, at least to me.  And unlike Tim, I haven’t been patient enough to test each new flavor as it comes.  So, thanks Tim!  I’ll be enjoying a nice cup of Italian Roast in three…two…

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