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Writing for Wired, Paul Boutin made the outlandish statement this week that “Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004,” stirring up blogs and Twitter and leaving a trail of Paul Butin haters.

Very little digging, however, shows why Boutin made such a statement: his blog is a piece of shit. Although the blog has been dead since July, one can’t help but wonder how someone so ready to dictate to the blogosphere the latest trends could run such a lame show.

Boutin extols that because Jason Calacanis ditched his blog, the rest of us ought to as well. We should give up on blogging because there are photos and podcasts and – ooh videos! – and it’s just so easy and convenient and I don’t have to worry about using words and trying to write. Thank goodness for 2008, where we’ve been so dumbed down that we’re giving up the layman’s last vestige of writing.

So Mr. Boutin, here is my response to your article, in a format you can read:

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LOL, I agree with your take on this. I just read that article and although he hits on a couple of points in this fast paced digital/social networking world.. he is wrong. The blog has not gone friendster to our more modern and better facebook, rather blogging has become more accepted by the mainstream and has become better and more honed in content and delivery. Anyways, best to you.

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