Boston, Sunset

Despite the unfortunate ending to this evening (apparent food poisoning), it was – all in all – a great day.  I hadn’t been downtown in almost a month (save for two trips to my old job on Atlantic Ave.) and was lucky to catch it in my favorite light of sunset.  These photos give me cameralust all over again (cameralust=the urge to run out and by a digital SLR).

The Hancock building (I used to go to the 52nd floor for meetings – best view in town), Prudential behind it, giant iPod ad.  Almost makes Boston look like a proper city!

I love the way this building shows up Google Maps more than anything.  It really is triangular.

I’d never noticed this statue before (it’s on Columbus, I think).  Doesn’t it look like Abraham Lincoln is getting his shoes shined?  He’s totally not – he’s breaking the shackles of a slave – but perhaps the sculptor could’ve paid a bit more attention to that potential correlation.  Ty and I had a good laugh about this.

Trying to capture that orange color of sunset from the Common.  Free Shakespeare was in dress rehearsal, people were walking dogs, a baseball game was going on.  Two Bible thumpers stopped me and asked me if I believe in God.  A homeless guy told me I had nice tits.  Ahhh, Boston.

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