The Funniest Package

Every day I come home to the hope of mail.  By mail, of course, I mean actual mail, not bills or credit card offers or catalogs (though magazines count).  Lately my favorite thing to watch for is checks from all of my recent paying writing ventures.  And today I was hoping for a package – a sweet little pair of shoes I ordered online the other night.

So of course I was excited to come home this evening and find a large cardboard box waiting for me by the door (along with my other mail, the only exciting piece of which was a nice check from Guidespot!)  Imagine my surprise, then, when I opened the package and discovered…a puppy carrier?  A chew toy?  A can of Febreze pet odor deodorizer?  A dog bib?

How perplexing!  And then I noticed a letter.  Among other things, it said:

Febreze is always looking for individuals who are highly regarded in their communities, such as yourself, to test out products and share feedback, therefore we would love for you to be one of the first to try Febreze Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator

Well, gee thanks Febreze!  This has been happening a lot lately…special offers of all kinds coming my way (my favorite of which, by the way, was a $10/yr. subscription to National Geographic “for press only” – I’m press now?  Awesome!)  I have no idea how Febreze found me or why they consider me highly regarded (perhaps it’s my cat’s celebrity) but I like it.

So thanks again Febreze – the product is quite nice, I enjoy the smell, and although LC almost immediately climbed out of the cat carrier, she’s been chilling in the cardboard box the whole kit and caboodle came in for almost a half hour now.

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You’ve “arrived!” At least to the reduced subscriptions stage, which is more than most of us, congrats! Did your shoes ever arrive? Maybe febreeze has got a deal worked out with important shoe sellers in anticipation of buyers needing something to get the funk out of their purchases come summer…(which is not to imply that you should need such a product in such a case!)

PS: I tagged you!


Yay! I suppose I have, eh? My shoes arrived a day later than I would have liked, but I have them and they are so great, I ordered another pair! Interesting take on Febreze – it wouldn’t surprise me. Seriously, HOW did they get my name?!

Getting right on the taggedness!

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