Morocco’s very own Guantanamo

Although I tend to question the validity of articles such as the one I discovered today in the Thaindian News, I’m a little pleased to see this human rights question raised – all too often, Morocco is praised for its attitude toward terrorism, but in this case, its staggering similarity to the United States is alarming.

While I also question the validity of this Associated Press article, again I am a bit pleased to see the Polisario mentioned in this way. I often read articles which assert the Saharawi people’s right to autonomy, which I understand (whether or not I agree with it), but articles in which the Polisario is praised as fighting for the “freedom of the Saharawi people” sicken me.

A choice quote:

The Polisario seeks to portray Morocco’s control as a brutal occupation, and Morocco wants to discredit the Polisario as a washed up repressive revolutionary front that holds captive a refugee population in order to pursue its goals.

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