A tip to the wise

As I was sitting around Sunday night, trying to figure out which Baldwin I shared Binghamton University’s hallowed halls with (and poring over Wikipedia’s list of famous Binghamton alums, to which I added myself, of course, because I’m that cool), when I discovered a very familiar-sounding name. I clicked on it, thinking, “Hmm, I wonder what she’s up to” and was shocked when the page loaded:

Now I’ve only met her once, but I remember hearing her name many times. We were in the same department, mind you (though she was a year before my time), and she sang in the same a cappella group as someone I dated for awhile. So what I’m saying is – in no way am I actually connected to her, but it’s kind of strange to realize that the song you’ve had in your head ever since the first time you saw that Old Navy commercial (and subsequently – and unfortunately – the video with the clowns) is sung by someone who graced the same halls as you and is not Paul Reiser or Billy Baldwin.

No, she is Ingrid Michaelson, best known so far for the Old Navy sweater commercial last fall (and apparently, for being on the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack, but I find that show utterly unwatchable). She’s the one who sings “I’ll buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair,” the normal one in a world of clowns.

Buy her album. If not for the fact that she has proven that Binghamtonians can, in fact, make it, then because her debut is pretty darn great.

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