I admittedly have neglected my blog since returning from Miami but ah, with good reason, for I have been reviewing restaurants for a new site (I’ll announce more when it launches), attending meetings for various ventures and going out more often than I usually do. The most exciting event this weekend? Running into none other than Jennifer Garner at the Wang Center (no, I will not refer to it as the Citi Performing Arts Center, thankyouverymuch) where I was working Saturday night. I didn’t say hi, as I think it’s generally tacky to assume a celebrity is interested in what you have to say, but I did get close enough to see how beautiful her skin is! Seriously, she has tremendous skin! Hamza, who isn’t even thrilled by her as an actress, was impressed.

Also, in other news of distraction, we finally got cable (and internet that we pay for, rather than the free kind that we steal from our neighbors, shh!)

In case you’re not in yet, I’ll leave you with this, my new obsession: Yelp!

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