U.S. Elections 2008

Liveblogging the Primaries?

I considered liveblogging the primaries for a moment or two – then it occurred to me that it’s 11:00 pm EST and really – who is reading my blog right now?  Certainly no one in Morocco (it’s 4 am there – if you’re up, go to bed!), doubtful anyone on the east coast…Probably no one at all.

I worked for nearly 12 hours today, finally leaving (an event) at 9:00 pm tonight and getting home just after 10:00; needless to say, I’m exhausted, but I stayed awake hoping that there would be some news…and so far, the most exciting thing is that Huckabee finally dropped out (and I mean that in no offense to Huckabee – a) because he hardly stood a chance and b) because anyone who can garner the support of Chuck Norris is cool with me).

Anyhow, hardly any news – I’m disappointed.  I suppose I was hoping for the best – that is, that Obama beat out Hillary.  No such luck…yet.

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Jill Jill Jill, I think that you have a crush on LiveBlogging! However, Liveblogging is faster and better than Cnn breaking news!!!!

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