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Month: October 2008 (page 2 of 4)

Blogs 4 Evr

Writing for Wired, Paul Boutin made the outlandish statement this week that “Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004,” stirring up blogs and Twitter and leaving a trail of Paul Butin haters.

Very little digging, however, shows why Boutin made such a statement: his blog is a piece of shit. Although the blog has been dead since July, one can’t help but wonder how someone so ready to dictate to the blogosphere the latest trends could run such a lame show.

Boutin extols that because Jason Calacanis ditched his blog, the rest of us ought to as well. We should give up on blogging because there are photos and podcasts and – ooh videos! – and it’s just so easy and convenient and I don’t have to worry about using words and trying to write. Thank goodness for 2008, where we’ve been so dumbed down that we’re giving up the layman’s last vestige of writing.

So Mr. Boutin, here is my response to your article, in a format you can read:

This is what we did today.  In my home state.  I wish I could say that we were super-effective, but the truth is, out of 45 houses, we maybe secured an Obama vote from one person.  But that’s huge, given the multitude of people doing what we did for just a few hours, every single weekend.  Despite the past two elections, my stubborn inner optimist still believes in the democratic process.  The stubborn little kid inside of me still wants to fight for what’s right.  I know I sound naive, and I know I don’t agree 100% with Obama’s stance on a couple of issues, but I still believe he stands for what’s right.  And that this election matters more than any I’ve had the chance to vote in before.

Filtering in the News

Popular torrent sharing site The Pirate Bay is the victor in a recent legal battle against Italian anti-piracy group IFPI.  Following a court order, the site was blocked in July, but the block resulted in an inadvertant traffic increase.  You may recall that I’m a big fan of Peter Sunde (mostly because he replies to e-mails from ordinary folk like myself), so this is great news to me.  Congratulations Pirate Bay!
Livejournal has been reported blocked in Kazakhstan.  Still waiting to hear if it’s true.

And in surveillance news, the US has apparently been spying on its own military folk abroad.  GASP!  As our own Chris Soghoian said in a tweet yesterday: “The upside of the NSA tapping the phone sex calls of U.S. soldiers? Anyone defending the NSA can be accused of not supporting the troops”

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