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My Mac

My Mac, whom I’m not sure if I should name (would/have you? I name my cars), came into my life on Mother’s Day (hmm) when my parents and I met for lunch at the famous Kowloon in Saugus, on Route 1 somewhere in between their house and mine. Since that Sunday, I haven’t missed a day with it (not that I usually miss a day, what with my addiction and all). I love it. I love that someone can grab hold of my screen through theirs, from Trinidad, and take over my computer. I love that I can hear frogs chirping in the background. I love using the little remote control, and how everything is built in, and how the computer handles itself (rather than making me constantly run SpyBot and Ad-Aware and think about which anti-virus protection is the best, and having to download it and install it and pay for it) and how I’ve turned into such a nerd and I love that I can do shit like this:

Also, I love Global Voices – what a nice gesture to do that on my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday! Glad you are enjoying the Mac!

  2. Mine is called the black ninja.

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