Freedom of Speech Humor

Have some integrity!

Last summer, I wrote a post comparing a fantastic article on Morocco with a rather terrible one. Almost immediately, the author of the terrible one contacted me, defending their (yes, I’m using the wrong pronoun on purpose) article, then consequently threatening to sue me for defamation. After much consideration, I decided it just wasn’t worth […]

Boston Humor

If you order a pizza at 4:35, it’ll be ready at 9:55?

Now I know why we never order out from Pizzeria Uno! We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at B&G Oysters last night, followed by George Carlin, live at the Wang Center (yes, non-Bostonians, it’s really called that…except now it’s owned by Citibank and referred to as the Citi Wang, which is somehow even worse). Carlin was […]