Justice for Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin's smiling face.

I first heard about Trayvon a few mornings ago in an airport lounge, on CNN. Thinking it was an older story that I’d somehow missed, I watched, shocked, but moved on…until a few days later when I began to see the petitions, the calls for protest, the plans for the Million Hoodie march and began reading up on the case.

Since then, I’ve simply been speechless.

Every element of this case horrifies me. The idea that a young boy would be chased down by an allegedly responsible adult member of a neighborhood watch and shot is one horror, but the lack of justice from the police charged with protecting young citizens, the continued excuses from the local police, and the continued silence from the White House is another. And lest you think it’s not Obama’s responsibility to comment, let’s not forget about the Beer Summit. Apparently the fact that Trayvon Martin is just a black kid, and not a black Harvard professor, matters.

And yes, I realize I shouldn’t be shocked per se, that variations of this are everyday occurrences in the United States, that racism hasn’t died but simply migrated from overt to covert, and yet. And yet.

In any case, I have nothing new to say here. I am privileged. I have not experienced racism. I will instead direct you to this beautifully written post from my close friend Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, with the suggestion that you read it. You might also read up on what the ACLU is saying.

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I too was, and still am, shocked at the lack of accountability for the shooter. I signed the petition on day one and I really believed the man would be arrested. The parents of this boy have been through enough hell. If that were my child I would probably be on the steps of the White House asking how this could happen. I realize this happens more than we can even imagine but the fact that it has been made so public and Zimmerman hasn’t yet been arrested, is even more amazing to me.

Pardon my post, but why are you still using a photo of Trayvon at age 13 – to heighten the hysteria? There are plenty of pics of the 17-yr-old Trayvon. You are clearly convinced Zimmerman is guilty. He may be. But, what if he really was attacked by Trayvon first? What if Trayvon didn’t even know Zimmerman had a gun till they were both on the ground fighting for control of it? You seem convinced simply because shooter was white (well, sort of), and the kid was black. Doesn’t that make you a racist? I don’t mean that as an insult, just an observation. You are contributing irresponsibly to a very dangerous situation with your attacks on Zimmerman. We are all being “worked” by the family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, who is a very dubious character. I won’t post again, unless you invite me to.

Funny. You see me as “clearly convinced” Zimmerman is guilty while your post sounds as if you’re clearly convinced he’s not.

Fact is, he hasn’t had a day in court. He hasn’t been tried by a jury of his peers, as he ought to be. I don’t think he’s guilty or innocent, but I do think the local police are guilty of not doing their job.

It’s very important not to brand someone guilty without a decision from a court of law. Saying that the whole justice system must be strong, rigurous and applied properly. Sadly this hasn’t really happened. The police for some reason have not done their job properly at all and it seems that only because of the pressure they have recieved from the media and people have they decided to do things by the book. And unfortunately because of the police’s procedural failures the case may collapse and the killer may walk free without any legal repurcussions.

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