Wired For Change: Liveblogging the Ford Foundation’s upcoming conference

This coming Wednesday, February 16, I will be liveblogging an exciting event, the Ford Foundation’s Wired for Change conference. Though the conference, held at Ford’s New York headquarters, is invitation-only, you’ll be able to follow throughout the day on my blog, as I utilize my rapid typing skills and share with you the exciting events of the day. From the Ford Foundation’s site, a description of the event:

We believe technology has the potential to drive economic, cultural and social opportunity for all people, but it won’t do so on its own. Philanthropy has a key role to play in ensuring that technology reaches this potential. Indeed, there is strong reason to believe that the impact and success of everything foundations currently invest in is dependent upon an open, safe and fully interconnected digital space.

I’ll be using CoverItLive, which means the audience–both those attending and those at home–will be able to comment and ask questions. When appropriate, I’ll be able to pose questions to speakers that come through the channel.

In addition to the blog, Ford will be promoting the hashtag #wired4c for the conference to communicate with Twitter users, field questions, and promote the event.

Join us virtually on my blog, starting at 9am of February 16th!

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