It Gets Better

I’ve been following the It Gets Better project and wishing I had something new to say about it; I don’t, but that’s okay–the hundreds of gay, lesbian, straight, bi, trans, and questioning folks who have recorded videos for the project have said so much already, and I’d rather share their words anyhow (I also donated, and recommend that you do too; donations benefit the Trevor Project’s Suicide Prevention hotline).

I’d also like to share three videos that have caught my attention.  Though no one is immune to homophobia, it often manifests itself with such vitriol in religious communities, due to deeply held beliefs that homosexuality is wrong, forbidden, a sin. That’s why I particularly commend the folks in these three videos, for speaking out and sharing their stories and telling youth in their communities that yes, it does get better.

First, from Pastor James Campbell of the Broadway United Church of Christ:

A group of young, gay Orthodox Jews share their stories:

A young Pakistani Muslim:

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