Facebook Deactivations: No Appeals

I was CC’d on an e-mail this morning regarding a deleted account on Facebook. In fact, over the past 24 hours, I’ve been sent a lot of e-mails about deleted accounts. Whether it’s a glitch this time or not I can’t say, but here’s something alarming: Two of the people who contacted me CC’d me on e-mails complaints to “” and here’s the automated message they received in response:


Your account was disabled because it was in violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Nudity, sexually explicit, and other graphic content is not permitted on Facebook, nor is any content that contains self harm, depicts violence, or attacks an individual or group. In addition, harassing others through unsolicited friend requests or messages is prohibited.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to reactivate your account or respond to your email directly. This decision is final and cannot be appealed. You can visit the Warnings section of the Help Center for more information:

Thank you for contacting Facebook,

The Facebook Team

This decision is final and can’t be appealed.

Strong, unspecific, impersonal. Exactly the opposite of how Facebook attempts to portray itself in the media.

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I experienced the opposite situation: I received an e-mail announcing my Facebook account had been reactivated… and I hadn’t reactivated it. I’m not in FB, I was once, just for 24 hours. And I decided to close my account.
I don’t know if I have to be worried about that.

I have received one of these, about 3 minutes after I wrote asking why my account had been disabled. It seems obvious to me that both the mechanism by which accounts are disabled and these generic replies are sent out, is fully automated and happens without human intervention. This adds insult to injury.

My account was deleted immediately after I uoloated 3 pictures to the Draw Mohammed Day page. Another person I know had their account suspended after uploading one, and then it was reactivated. The email they sent him said he had received 32,000 complaints. So, I figure these organized muslim complainers must have hit me with around 90,000. Just a guess. Anyway, FB is run by a douchebag, Mark Zuckjerberg, in a childish, arbitrary and capricious way. It starts from the top down, and I refuse to put up with an overgrown boy fiddling with something that took me hours and hours to create. I had everything on my page, favorite links, pics, funny pics, a nice group of friends. I would have to rebuild that, and I’m not willing to. Not with Mr. Douchebag running the site.

Actually i was surprised in the morning when i found out that my acount has been disabled . i’m using facebook since 2007 , so all my photos , informations , videos , friends has disappeared . i emailed them with my e-mai land another e-mail but unfortunatley i had the same answer .
so what the solution is ! my facebook became one of my neccesities.

hola mi nombre es yoel quiero saber porque mi cuenta en facebook a sido inhabilitada ya que no he acosado a nadien por el facebook y no he publicado fotos e videos pornográficos porfavor necesito esa ayuda

buenas tardes mi nombre es Yoel Araujo quiero saber porque mi cuenta de facebook ha sido inhabilitada ?? ya que no e acosado a ninguna persona ni e publicado vídeos pornográficos en mi cuenta de facebook -???
graxias por su atencion ??please ayude me a reiniciar mi cuenta

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