Strange Choices

I logged into MySpace tonight for the first time in, apparently, about a year and a half.  My last hesitant update read “Jill doesn’t check MySpace.  E-mail her.”  I haven’t used my nickname publicly in a long time, and most of the people I know have left MySpace.  I wasn’t going to delete it, but the updates required to make it tolerable were just too much…it was simply easier to seek the “cancel account” button (which, by the way, was pretty complicated to find).

On a somewhat separate note, my mother joked on her Facebook wall this morning that she doesn’t use Facebook because she has her own secret social network.  I shot back, “You’re on MySpace?” to which she responded (via e-mail no less), “I said secret, not stupid.”  Touché, Mom.

Screen shot 2009-10-25 at 12.06.54 AM

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