Virginity in a Box

I laughed a little today when I came across this product from Japan…artificial virginity. According to the product’s manufacturer:

With this product, you can have your first night back anytime. Insert this artificial hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. When your lover penetrate, it will ooze out a liquid that look like blood not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable

After my bout of giggles, I got to thinking…hymen reconstructive surgery is a popular phenomenon in Morocco, as well as many other Muslim countries, and indeed, France as well. The invasiveness and risk of such a procedure could make this little virginity in a box a hot commodity. A friend said that it would be quite useful in Latin America as well. And it’s manufactured in Japan…clearly there’s quite the market for it.

I’m unimpressed. The reason women have their hymens “restored” is to prove to their husbands that they are still virgins. The problem here is twofold: 1. The hymen is not an accurate indicator of virginity (some women are born without one, others tear theirs playing sports, using tampons, or in accidents) and 2. While virginity is certainly something to be revered and respected, the onus should lie on the person to tell the truth, not for her to bleed. In other words, if men and women are both expected to be virgins on their wedding day (and in religion, such is the case), then why are only women held accountable?

As you can see, I have a real problem with this. While I personally do not hold religious beliefs that emphasize the importance of virginity, that’s something I can wrap my head around; I cannot, however, grasp the concept of lying to your partner before your marriage even begins.

I’m not the only person asking these questions. Here’s a nice piece written by a Muslim woman on the subject, and here are some really interesting questions about the hymen in western culture. What do you think?

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I think it will find its way to the Arabic market, and I hope so, cause when such a product will be available the Idea itself of having un touched woman will be vanished when we knew that any woman can have this.

For me I have a strong believe on not having sex before marriage, and I don’t care of the past of any woman, but from the point I engage with her and so on is very important that we both be open and honest to each other.

What is marriage if I’m not going to trust the only partner in my life!.

Ari, I think you buy it online, but I don’t know…hoping one of my friends in Japan will weigh in.

Alloush – I hadn’t thought of it that way. You’re right – by the availibility of this product, the need for blood on the wedding night will vanish!

I support anyone’s desire to remain a virgin until marriage, but like you, I think that it’s about honesty, not blood.


I’ll have to watch it – it actually made it to not one, but TWO, cinemas in Boston (as “Caramel” of course)! I think I may have emphasized the importance of virginity a little too much in an effort not to offend…Personally, I find the concept fairly meaningless, but I do have friends who believe in waiting until marriage and I respect that choice – especially when the choice is from BOTH parties involved.

I’m thinking, do men have a way to prove virginity? As far as I know there isn’t a way to determine if a man is having it 1st time or not. So yes its a bit biased view against women!

Very interesting!
You bet there is a market for it…
I always thought this stupid hymen worshiping business was inciting women (in the Moroccan society… and I know what I’m talking about, believe me) to lie, conceal and deceit their partners… It’s a huge and corrupting issue in men-women relationships in Morocco.
Personally I don’t give a damn about sexual virginity in my partner… All I’m concerned with is honesty in human relations…telling the truth is paramount! All the rest is out of date rubbish…
This caused me problems you know: people thinking that I must be mentally ill or dangerously careless…
Of course there are considerations of “honour”, and “reputation” in our quasi-tribal societies… but again: trust is paramount as you rightly said.

Good wishes and marry Christmas Jill!

Good to see you Hisham!

You know, I tend to agree with you in that it incites women to lie. I can’t tell you how many Moroccan women I know who will or would have (risky, probably unprotected) anal sex to avoid “losing their virginity” – because then, when asked, they can still claim to be virgins…though by my definition, they would clearly not be.

It’s unfortunate, and I agree that trust and honesty are paramount.

Happy holidays to you too :)

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