10 Reasons to Donate to Global Voices

10. Because Global Voices authors are really really unbelievably good looking.

9. Because you’ll get a lovely thank you note from Global Voices staff!

8. Because Global Voices authors can drink you under the table.

7. Because Global Voices often has the best coverage of global news stories; our coverage of the recent Mumbai attacks was so good, CNN recommended us!

6. Because the badges are unbelievably adorable:
Donate to Global Voices - Help us spread the word
(and way less creepy than earlier iterations).

5. Because side projects like Rising Voices really make a difference in people’s lives.

4. Because Global Voices authors throw the best parties (and are skilled in the art of BYOB – all the way around the world!)

3. Because Global Voices has successfully grown and flourished over the past four years, bringing new projects like Lingua, Rising Voices, and Voices without Votes front and center.

2. Because your donation tells us that you love the adorable lolcat badge, meaning that we never have to lay eyes on the first 25 creepy ideas again.

1. Because Global Voices brings you the news and stories you can’t get anywhere else.

Donate to Global Voices because we need the support of our readers to stay independent, free, and sustainable. And please, if you do donate, let me and the rest of your friends know that you did so.

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GV is more important than my blog, Ari! I am not a blogger in the sense that this is my be-all, end-all. I’m a writer, and this is the space in which I say the things I can’t say anywhere else :)

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