Election Day Freebies!

I like my sale clothes better than my full price clothes, and I proudly announce when I’m wearing a free t-shirt. In fact, I stood in a line for over two hours a few weeks ago for an ugly free t-shirt that I’ll only wear around the house.

In other words, I love freebies! So imagine my excitement when I learned that this year, many retailers are honoring us freebie-loving voters! Check it out:

Starbucks will be giving away a free tall brewed coffee to anyone who walks in and says they voted. No sticker proof needed. Lulz to their video; apparently Starbucks thinks its coffee is good enough to entice people to vote:

Rock the Vote! is hooking anyone who pledges to vote up with free music (I’m guessing you could access this one from abroad…let me know if that’s true, global readers)

Ben and Jerry’s retail locations will be giving away free ice cream between 5 pm and 8 pm tomorrow. No proof necessary (since kids are eligible of course!)

Daily Grill (yes, there’s one in Boston – 150 Huntington Ave.) will give a free app to voters with sticker proof tomorrow.

For those of you with little ones, SitterCity and Today’sMama will be offering two free hours of babysitting so you can go vote! Details here.

Krispy Kreme, if you are lucky enough to have one nearby (c’mon Boston, get on it!) is offering free star-shaped patriotic donuts to those wearing the ubiquitous “I Voted” sticker.

And that’s it for the edible and the normal…now on to the utterly bizarre…

In the Show-Me State, you can get a free body piercing just for voting tomorrow…how fitting?

In Dallas, Texas, you can choose to have your tattoo removed free during certain hours…

But best of all, New York sex toy shop Babeland is offering free vibrators with “I Voted” sticker…and best of all, one of them is called The Maverick!

Now that one takes the cake.

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