So I bought a new camera.  And I can’t help but blog about it.  Please forgive me.

This appeared randomly on the facade of the pharmacy down the street from me on Comm Ave.  Incidentally, some neighbors and friends of mine say that this pharmacy sells liquor.

Next time Voices without Votes does a post on Brazil, let’s be sure to use this.

The other thing I spent a lot of money on this year.

The camera is a Canon Digital Rebel XTI and was a pretty huge purchase for me, admittedly (not so much financially as because I’ve wanted one for a very long time).  I asked for advice from a lot of friends (or simply checked flickr to find out what camera they use) and it came down to the Nikon 60D and the Rebel XTI in the end.  I did peek at a Sony too, but it felt so cheesy in hand that I immediately disregarded it, despite it being $200 cheaper and coming with a better lens (better zoom, that is, plus Minolta is now owned by Sony).

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I see that Obama banner everyday on the way home from work…at closer inspection, it definitely looks homemade, and is quite the feat if it is!!!

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