In the interest in keeping things light, I will share a photo with you:

Dear friends, as much as I loved Budapest, I admit – I didn’t love the food. Sure, it was nice to be able to eat fresh tomatoes with abandon, and you know my love for European cheeses (and then there was Soproni, though that hardly counts as a foodstuff), but being faced with the selection day in and day out of salad with duck, smoked fish, and cucumber salad (and let’s not forget fruit soup – which was surprisingly not that bad) can make a girl drop a few pounds! (5 in my case)

So you see, for my first meal back in Boston, I present you with…Sabatino’s tortellini chicken with pesto, a weekly favorite:

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yiiiiiiiiiii, me soooo happy, no in fact me honored, me blog is blogrolled here :-)
thanks jillian
me will link back to here too

Ofcourse, I didn’t feel good in Budapest as far as cuisine was concerned!! Sure it was something different(tried some stuff for 1st time); the dinners & lunches in Novotel were good but eating out left a lot of contemplation to do! And I think Neha was not at all happy with the food, she’s a veggie & very less veggie options, eh! ;) The first thing that I did after getting back here was to have a veg. cheese burger of McDonald’s! :D

@Amit – Mmm veggie cheeseburger at McDonald’s?! That sounds so delicious (I don’t eat highly processed meat or meat from questionable sources, so McD’s is out – but I do remember them as awfully tasty!)

There were a few nice things, but on the whole I bet Delhi was much better food-wise :)

Mmm veggie cheeseburger at McDonald’s?! That sounds so delicious

It is delicious & yummy; I’m not a vegetarian but I’d prefer a McVeggie burger anyday over the McChicken & Fillet-o-Fish burgers (only those three in McDs here, no beef). ;) And what’s more, from the fries that I had in Budapest in different joints like McD, Burger King etc, I’d say that the fries at McDs here are far better!! :)

There were a few nice things, but on the whole I bet Delhi was much better food-wise

Yep there were different kinda foods that I had, especially in the Summit lunches & dinners & I like to try new things, atleast once! I had prawns & duck for the first time in dinners at Novotel, so I wouldn’t say it was bad, the experience was very good I’d say since it was my first time outside India! :)

As for Delhi, it was & still is better than Budapest, if I compare it to what I saw of Budapest in terms of food, it wasn’t much as I didn’t explore Budapest much on that front but I definitely like the zillions of different kinda foods that I can have in Delhi without going to much trouble!

I think I’ll write more in detail on my blog, eh! ;)

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