If it’s reality, then why’s it on TV?

I am one of those people who enjoys not having a TV. In fact, I would happily give up my TV right now. Don’t touch my internet, don’t touch my books or trashy magazines, but my TV? I won’t miss it. I’ve only felt differently once in my life; shortly after arriving in Morocco, it […]

Freedom of Speech Humor

Have some integrity!

Last summer, I wrote a post comparing a fantastic article on Morocco with a rather terrible one. Almost immediately, the author of the terrible one contacted me, defending their (yes, I’m using the wrong pronoun on purpose) article, then consequently threatening to sue me for defamation. After much consideration, I decided it just wasn’t worth […]

Blogging for Change Freedom of Speech

Fouad Mourtada is Free!

Since I have already blogged about this elsewhere, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Fouad Mourtada was freed today on a royal pardon after serving 25 days of a three year sentence. His crime: impersonating Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco on social networking site Facebook. Now Fouad is free, but what’s next? Will he be […]