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George Carlin dies at 71

A few months ago, I had the utmost privilege of getting to see George Carlin perform live.  In fact, I was working at the time, at Boston’s Wang Center, as an usher – so technically, someone paid me to see George Carlin.  And just as I’d expected, he was hilarious.

Now, most of my co-workers at the Wang are elderly women, and I must admit…many of them weren’t laughing.  Granted, a few were, but Carlin’s routines have always been on the fringe.  It did make me snicker a little to realize that these women were Carlin’s peers.

And today, George Carlin passed away at 71.  Of course, he’ll be most remembered for his “7 Things You Can’t Say on TV” schtick but I’ll personally remember his jokes on religion – so subversive, yet sometimes so true.  George Carlin, we’ll fucking miss you.

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  1. In this world, Carlin will definitely be missed…

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