Everything pundits are getting wrong about this current moment in content moderation: An ongoing list

Since Twitter and Facebook banned Donald Trump and began “purging” QAnon conspiracists, a segment of the chattering class has been making all sorts of wild proclamations about this “precedent-setting” event. As such, I thought I’d set the record straight. To my fellow content moderation/platform regulation experts reading this: I am taking submissions! Hit me up […]



December 31, 2019. I preen in front of my mirror, dressed in an elegant 1920s-style faux-vintage loaner from a friend, then add the finishing touches—costume jewelry, a feathered headband, glitzy earrings. A friend swings by with her dog to pick me up, and we head to the suburbs for a rather adult party, planned to […]


That time Cardi B. invited me to drink her pee

Posting for posterity, and because I collect stories of weird shit that happens to me on the internet. Today, talented rapper Cardi B. tweeted that she wonders what pee (urine) tastes like. I replied “only one way to find out.” LOL, right? But then, CARDI B DID THIS: So here we are folks.