Citizen Media WeMedia 2008

LiveBlogging WeMedia Miami 2008, Take Two

This panel, The Power to Change the World – so far I am engaged (at least more so than in the last two) because of Darya Shaikh of OneVoice Movement discussing how so many benefit from the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (choice quote: “if you’re not pissing people off, you’re not doing your job”) and the idea […]

Blogging WeMedia 2008

Liveblogging WeMedia Miami 2008, Take One

An hour or so, all 10 of us GVers piled into our two rented Chrysler Sebrings and made our way to the Storer Auditorium at the University of Miami for Day 1 of WeMedia Miami 2008.  Coffee-and-bageled (thanks to GAP, who took an early morning trip to Coral Bagels of Coral Gables) When the power […]

MENA Travel

Bienvenido a Miami

It’s hot here. Really hot. Humid and hot. So hot that I’m sitting inside, blogging. And ah, what freedom to post about things not related to Morocco without feeling like I’m disappointing the majority of those who read my blog (people looking for travel information on Morocco, judging by the stats). In fact, the first […]