On Toppling Monuments

I’m taking a break from social media for a moment, but here’s a quick thought:

Ask me how much I care about where we draw the line on toppling monuments of bigots and slaveholders. This might be a conversation I’d be interested in if 99% of America’s statutes weren’t of white dudes. As it stands, five—FIVE—statues in Washington, D.C. are of women from history; the other 46 statues depicting women do so anonymously, or even better, toplessly. Call me and ask me how much I care when all of our historical monuments aren’t to white men who tried to oppress women or people of color.

As for what we do with the toppled statues, I’m personally of the throw-them-in-the-museum variety, but honestly? I don’t care. I don’t think historical monuments need to be destroyed; in fact, I think it’s counterproductive. But do I care, when my friends are under threat from actual Nazis? No, I decidedly do not.


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