Reading 5/19/2015

Thinking of kicking this back off as a regular (semi-regular) feature, because reasons.

  • Buzzfeed on what happens to stolen passports in Turkey
  • Rula Jebrael takes on Bill Maher and Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Salon
  • EFF on Facebook’s project: “not neutral, not secure … not the Internet”
  • aeon against generational thinking
  • CPJ on cartoonists under threat around the world
  • Slate’s history of slavery (multimedia, but paywalled*)
  • “Here’s how much of your life the United States has been at war” – Washington Post
  • Conor Friedersdorf confronts the last defenders of the NSA in the Atlantic.

*I decided to try Slate+ as part of an ongoing experiment in paying for media sometimes. I can think of at least one person who will be surprised.

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