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Send me to the Friedman Forum!

UPDATE: Thanks to your help, I’ve reached my goal!  For more Friedman fun, please read my Definitive Collection of Thomas Friedman Takedowns.

You couldn’t begin to imagine my horror excitement when I received an invite to the Friedman Forum in San Francisco on June 20. My heart sank skipped a few beats and my eyes welled up brightened at the thought of such a wonderful and prestigious event wherein I can troll ask Friedman questions and rub elbows with a group of brownnosers elite thought leaders.

The catch? It costs $500.

Thanks to the generosity of a few lovely individuals that I have never met (true story) as well as a couple that I have, I have thus far raised approximately $150 toward my goal of $500. I have matching pledges for more. But I need you to help send me to this wonderful event so that I can mock praise Thomas Friedman in the flesh for his wonderful insights over the years.

Please, donate today:

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  1. Jillian and Friedman. Aaah!

    I’m in with a $100 matching pledge.

    Who’s helping me help Jillian ask Thomas Friedman his views’ on his cab drivers’ views?

  2. I donated $25, which should cover lunch.

    I’m concerned Jillian will not be able to ask questions of the Magnificent Friedman as the flow of words/wisdom will be one way from Friedman to the audience and fellow speakers.

    But please get some information from the fellow attendees/devotees who actually paid, with their own money, for this event.

    Questions such as:

    What they hope to gain for their money invested?
    Why they think Friedman is important to anyone other than taxicab drivers?
    Do they believe the Friedman “Deep thinking scowl” image is well past its sell-by-date?

    I hope Jillian has fun.

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