Map of Internet penetration in Africa, from Online Africa

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Hello Ms. York,
I just read your article about Time’s Man of the Year choice on Al
Forgive me for contacting you through your blog site. It is the only option I could find.

I agree with your article. I was not surprised about Time’s choice. Especially,when its’ own user poll favored Assange by 382,026 versus Zukerberg’s 18,353___that means Time intentionally ignored the voices of 382,026 of its’ own user.
However, what depressed me was the ABC/Washington Post poll in which
more than two-thirds of the American public believe Assange should face criminal charges.
Haven’t we just elected a president who promised a transparency in government policies. Kind of reminds of Soviet Style government where the messengers were sent to the Siberian Gulags.

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