The BOBs!

I would be remiss not to post about the experience of winning the BOBs.  Talk Morocco, from its inception last summer, has been an incredible experience, and has grown beyond what Hisham and I originally envisioned; I am so proud of this little project, and of its amazing contributors.

We were notified of winning in April, during the re:publica conference.  Since then, we awaited patiently the opportunity to travel to Bonn for our award.  We were particularly lucky; though Deutsche Welle could only pay for one of us to attend, Hisham lives only a few hours away in France and was able to come as well, along with Mahdi, one of our most active contributors (who lives in Berlin).

Winning was certainly a humbling experience; over 300 blogs were nominated for the English award; the 12 jurors from around the world then narrowed them down into 7 official nominees.  A public vote was then held, as well as a private jury vote: and Talk Morocco won both!

We’ve got exciting things coming up in the future…we’ve just applied for funding to launch the site in Arabic, as well as to hold a workshop for bloggers in Morocco.  And we will continue to keep the platform as open as inclusive as possible while still providing excellent content to our readers.

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Congratulations to you both! I wish we could have met up in Deutschland, but I was already back in the US (and I’m sure you guys had enough to occupy your time as it was). Is the award going to have a traveling existence like the GV ferret? Or has it chosen a favorite side of the Atlantic? ;-)

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